What is Eco/ Botanical Printing?

August 27, 2020

I call it" Nature's Painting"!

As we know, colors are the gift given it to us by mother nature. Different colors and it's shades that we use are made observing wonderful nature around us.

If you observe Nature's creativity around, you will be in an awe to see wonderful color combinations and shapes..& that too each one different..n.. Unique!

Botanical Printing is nothing but Nature mirroring itself onto a fabric_ it's leaves, flowers, bark etc give away their Colors, Shapes..n..depth to the fabric & Yes... Unique and different each time like Nature creations !!!

Get in Touch

Leafage Studio, Snehvihar Society, D.P.Road, Aundh, Pune-411007
+91 7887632885

At Leafage, each and every product is ‘handcrafted with Nature’ & is ‘Unique like Nature’ through Botanical/Eco prints.

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