What is the process of Eco / Botanical printing?

August 27, 2020

Actual process is very lengthy and painstaking, hence here I'm trying to make it simpler to understand.

There are 4 main steps, as below -

Scouring - in this, fabric is washed thoroughly to remove all the starch or chemicals that are used on fabric during it's manufacturing. It's scary to see the water after this process 😬 how much chemicals are being put on the fabric that we are using 🙄especially cotton..n..rayon !

Mordanting - fabric is prepared with natural salts/ tannins so that colours and shapes of the leaves/flowers will get printed on to it as well as will get hold by the fabric for longer time span. E.g. of natural salts/ tannin ...Alum, Myrobelan etc.

Layout & Bundling - Now leaves, flowers etc are layed onto to the ready fabric and then it is rolled tightly to make a bundle. Tightness is very crucial part of this step to get clear and crisp prints.

Steam / Boil - at the end, the rolled bundle is heated either with steam or boiling into the water. Both ways , results and effects are completely different and at the same time very interesting!

But this does not end here... Now it's the time of patience 😐. Printed fabric is kept for the aging and then finally washing.

By now you must have got an idea, how painstaking and lengthy this process is... But it's worth the prints/ results you get, after so much efforts 🍂🌿🤩

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