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January 20, 2021

Happy to share my research and study experiments results with you which I had been doing on “Eucalyptus Bark Hues thru Ecoprints” i.e Nilgiri (निलगिरी ) what we call it in India.

LeafAge.in | #रंगछटा #छाल रंग #निलगिरी #Bark_Hues - 2024 | it's... nature made!
Six Beautiful Hues of Bark Eco Prints

We know that निलगिरी is not indigenous to Indian soil but still we can not deny the fact that we see its presence in most of the cities and even in interiors of India. Well…that’s what Rulers left behind for India.

Current season, I’d been seeing everywhere eucalyptus trees shedding off their barks on the ground & as a habit … I had collected many of them….n…there my curiosity made me begin my research & experiments !!!

There have been lot of studies already conducted India...but in the areas like Presence of eucalyptus in India, Different species available, it's impact on agriculture and how it has molded into Indian soil etc. and not on it’s aspects of eco/botanical printing from the bark of the tree !.

During this study, I could identify eucalyptus trees in my area are Eucalyptus Tereticornis, which is one of the commonly found species in India …. Flowers are white, tree trunk is smooth and the bark it shreds, is brown colour & thin.

LeafAge.in | #रंगछटा #छाल रंग #निलगिरी #Bark_Hues - 2024 | it's... nature made!
Eucalyptus Tereticornis Leaves & flowers
LeafAge.in | #रंगछटा #छाल रंग #निलगिरी #Bark_Hues - 2024 | it's... nature made!
Eucalyptus Tereticornis shedding Bark

Another one commonly found species is Eucalyptus Hybrid.

Thus while on my testing & experiments with bark, one fact I knew was eucalyptus is good source of tannin based on my earlier eco prints of it’s leaves and the bark. 

But after few months of my rigorous experiments and testing, I can say that Bark does have pigments too !!!.... we can get nice pigment/ colour Prints from eucalyptus bark !!!

Achieved by playing with only "Natural" mordants... NO Tin /NO Chrome /NO TO !!!

Picture shows how Beautiful prints look in Six Soft colour tones from the Bark of same species of the tree !

LeafAge.in | #रंगछटा #छाल रंग #निलगिरी #Bark_Hues - 2024 | it's... nature made!

I would soon be creating beautiful “Collection” out from Bark_Hues.

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