About Leafage


Our mission is to foster a 'Deep bond with Nature'.

Leafage is born with a Vision, to Restore our universal connection with Natural world for Greener Future. Living sustainably & celebrating the beauty of Nature are our core principles.

Through the medium of our Eco-prints creations, we seek to make a positive impact & galvanise others to Live a nature-inspired lifestyle.

Let's unite & make positive impact together !

Why Leafage

Leafage is trying to bring you an experience of “an Era, where humans are very close to Nature. Living ‘with & within’ Nature, happily & content ”.
At Leafage, each and every product is ‘handcrafted with Nature’ & none the less is ‘Unique like Nature’ made through Botanical aka Eco prints.
Eco printing is a captivating process that harnesses the power of plants to create stunning masterpieces on fabric or paper.
By carefully placing leaves, flowers, and herbs, every piece becomes a unique symphony of colors and shapes, handcrafted by Mother Nature herself.
So don’t wait, book your unique piece to absorb nature’s warmth & we will happily deliver it to your doorsteps!

Get in Touch

Leafage Studio, Snehvihar Society, D.P.Road, Aundh, Pune-411007
+91 7887632885

At Leafage, each and every product is ‘handcrafted with Nature’ & is ‘Unique like Nature’ through Botanical/Eco prints.

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